Social entrepreneurs are not connect just to give a fish or teach how to fish.

They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry

Bill Drayton

The Project

United Services for Social Entreprises

"United Services for Social Enterprises" (USER-SE), is a project, created through a strategic partnership between six countries: Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France and Greece. The project wants to address the main issues that limit the development of the social enterprise (SE) sector, such as the poor understanding of the role of this type of companies in society, the lack of visibility, the need for business development and support services such as tutoring and training programs, investment support, etc. The survival and growth of SE are influenced by internal factors such as the lack of feasible business models, high dependence on the public sector as a source of income, lack of commercial acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and skills, managerial and professional skills necessary for strengthening the activity.

USER-SE intends to strengthen training, the exchange of good practices and experiences in social entrepreneurship, increasing skills within partner organizations, spreading and enhancing the social approach in local communities, increasing the recognition and visibility of social enterprises, but also in a broader way, creating supporting tools such as the "One-stop service for Social Enterprise onlline" that in a virtual scenario with different actors and organizations connected to the sector, will increases the entrepreneurial culture, stimulating the social approach and, in the training field, will increases knowledge in the subject.

Objectives of the project are:

       Promote the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices in the

       entrepreneurial field.

       Improve skills and abilities in social entrepreneurship

       Increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

       Create a virtual tool for orientation, support and advice on social  enterprise    

       Strengthen linguistic, digital and intercultural skills

       Promote strategic cooperation at the international level





(Learning Teaching Training Activity)

Report on Best Practice


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